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Our Recreational Vehicle Options

Other Options We Offer for Your Motorcycles, RVs, Off-Road Vehicles, Boats, & Jet Skis.


$50; Average Time: 37 Min

  • Hand wash.

  • Microfiber &/or chamois dry.

  • Hand wax.

  • Condition Leather (if required).

  • Dress plastics.

  • Clean/polish metal.

  • Clean windshield/mirrors.

RV - All Classes & Campers

Exterior Only

  • $20/ft: Wash/Buff/Polish

  • $15/ft: Wash/Hand Wax

  • $5/ft: Wash/Dry Only

Off-Road Vehicles

  • $75: Closed (Side-by-Side)

  • $55: Open (Bike, ATV)


  • $20/ft: Full Detail

  • $12/ft: Exterior Only

  • $12/ft: Interior Only

Jet Skis

  • $90: Wash/Buff/Polish

  • $70: Wash/Hand Wax

We strive to improve our services every day.  Don't see options for your vehicle style?  Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. 

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